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A Motivated Team Is An Effective Team

Supervisors wear many hats, but one of their duties that is not discussed so much is playing the team captain. Depending on the circumstances, to gain employee motivation can be difficult. If the work itself is not very inspiring or the working conditions have many drawbacks, people can check out and not do their best. You have probably had a job you frequently did on auto pilot because that’s all you felt motivated to do.


This is unfortunate because a motivated team is an effective team. Everyone needs to be in sync and doing their part for a company to be performing at its best. Supervisors use different strategies to act as workplace productivity drivers. It might be employee recognition at the end of a particular sales period, or even the promise of a bonus or other form of reward that gets desired results.

They can also play up the motivation that occurs for some through accomplishment and achievement. When people know that they have done a good job and performed a service for the company that has resulted in it meeting important goals, the sense of pride that results will motivate them to continue performing at that level.

Managers can also coach their employees. If someone is showing promise, but has not yet reached their potential, a manager can choose to coach or mentor them. This helps the worker to gain skills faster than they normally would through regular work experience.

It also a good idea to offer employees a change of pace once in a while. Doing the exact same thing day after day can be a grind and will eventually wear down even the most dedicated worker. Wherever possible, try to change things up. Having people perform different duties periodically will also help to expand their skill sets, a benefit for both the person and the organization.